Tansee iPhone Transfer

Tansee iPhone Transfer 1

Transfer your iPhone music and video to your PC


  • Quick way of transferring music and video
  • Filtering function
  • Compatible with all iPhones


  • Ugly user interface
  • Poor search tool
  • No options or help menu

Not bad

Tansee iPhone Transfer allows you to copy music and video from your iPhone onto your PC.

I know what you're thinking: you can already do this in iTunes, right? True, but Tansee iPhone Transfer makes the process much quicker and helps to avoid having to sync your device. It also has the advantage of allowing you to connect your iPhone to any PC, rather than being limited to a certain number, as is the case when you use iTunes.

Tansee iPhone Transfer automatically detects your iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS as soon as it's connected. It displays a list of all the music and video it detects in the main window. A smaller window to the right of this lets you filter by album, artist, playlist or filetype. There's also a search bar for jumping straight to something you want to copy. It's not a great search function though - there's no search button (you have to hit enter to start it) and searches are case sensitive.

The process of transferring files to your computer with Tansee iPhone Transfer is so much easier than it is in iTunes. You simply highlight the song or songs you wish to get and click Copy. Then you choose a directory to save the file (for example, your iTunes folder) and, within seconds, the music or video will be on your computer.

Although Tansee iPhone Transfer offers a more efficient way of transferring files than iTunes, its user interface isn't a patch on the Apple software. It has a very old fashioned appearance, and feels very much incomplete. For instance, when you roll over the preview buttons on the left of the song title, the cursor disappears and nothing happens.

If you can put up with its rough presentation, Tansee iPhone Transfer makes for a fast way to copy songs and video to your PC from your iPhone.

Tansee iPhone Transfer


Tansee iPhone Transfer 1

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